Role: Cartographer

Multi-Project: Perspective-view maps and imagery offer the viewer a more life-like picture with which to interpret the natural landscape.  The following 3D visualizations were created for a number of projects including natural hazard, geologic, and recreation maps as well as for the annual DOGAMI lidar calendar.


The image above showing trails is an adaptation of the top image and is from the Three Sisters Geologic Guide and Recreation Map.


This perspective view map of the Three Sisters region shows the USGS modeled volcanic hazards.


This image of the Deschutes River in Central Oregon displays a height above river (HAR) raster showing the stream’s historical channels.


This perspective view image from the Surficial Geology Map of Portland shows the Clackamas River terrace geologic units.


This point cloud image is of the Hangar B, a former military blimp hangar outside of Tillamook, Oregon.

Software: ArcGIS, Quick Terrain Modeler, Adobe Creative Suite