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Willamette River Lidar – MAP, Colossal, Treehugger, and American Scientist

The big blue Willamette River Lidar image keeps popping up online and in print! In the past 5 months it has been included in the map anthology MAP: Exploring the World (Phaidon Press), featured on the popular websites Colossal and Treehugger, and published in an article just this week in American Scientist magazine.


MAP: Exploring the World

Here is an additional article highlighting 6 maps from MAP: Exploring the World, including the Willamette River.

Washington GIS Conference – Best Cartographic Design

The Portland Missoula Floods Map won the Best Cartographic Design category at the 2013 Washington GIS Conference in Lynnwood, Washington.  The judging criteria were: “Efficiency in communication of intended message and maximization of the user’s cognitive experience.”

Columbia Forum – Lidar, Landslides, and the Missoula Floods

William Burns and Daniel Coe of DOGAMI gave a presentation at Astoria’s Columbia Forum Lecture Series titled: Lidar, Landslides, and the Missoula Floods.  Read the article on the presentation from the Daily Astorian here.


Cartographic Perspectives, Special Issue on Aesthetics

The Willamette River was featured on the cover of Cartographic Perspectives Issue #73 and in the enclosed article titled “A Lay Mapmaker’s Perspective on the Dilemma of Cartographic Design” by Johannes Moenius.  Read the article here.

Cycle Oregon Blog

DOGAMI Chief Scientist Ian Madin included two images from the 2013 Lidar Illuminated Calendar in his Cycle Oregon Blog post on the geology of central Oregon for the 2014 Cycle Oregon ride. Read the post here.